Putting the Posts Into Context

The Celestial Deities

They Who Hung the Stars.


The figures in the night sky have lessons, should we be willing to listen.


Deeper Context and Detail

Deities of Loraedor

Deity Types Each deity falls into one of three categories. The eldest are the four Elemental deities, born it is said by the world tree Verylg as time itself began.


Although Peace is Xantea’s primary sphere, she is, perhaps, best known by her oracular gifts to her chosen. These special few often do not offer prophesy, but instead untangle the


There are some who curse the name of Toreg when they are hurt, decrying the pain she sends, but most prefer to never speak of her at all, knowing all too


Sylac’s adherents burn, whether with magic, knowledge, or literal fire. They tend to voraciousness in their appetites for learning rather than pyromania, but there have been a notable few who

Roleplaying With (Little) Kids

Recently I started up a little role-playing game with my kids and wife. My daughter (who will often wander in after bedtime to illicitly greet my gaming friends on the


The font of love, the muse of artists, and the steady guide of tradesmen, Rema may be the most regularly called upon of the deities. Her blessing lies upon all


Mephas is shunned by all but the most evil. Unacceptable in all civilized lands, any cult activity based on the worship of Mephas must be utterly secretive or immediately stamped out


The great lord who rules not for glory but for the simple sake of order itself, Losidor is the father of law. According to his doctrine, all things that exist


The least predictable (and some would say least dependable) of the major deities is Levyse. She hates chains of all kinds, both physical and figurative, and her followers share this


Githder rules the skies, and its faithful love most the the storm. The few established temples and holy places dedicated to the worship of Githder are always in high places,


Only in her aspect of truth is Feicred openly invoked, and even then it is exceedingly rare, as the truth Feicred brings is nearly without exception accompanied by destruction. That


The great keeper of time and the master of stone, Erucei is perhaps the most esoteric of all the major powers. In his aspect of death he is mostly viewed