About Loraedor

I returned to a world a decade lost, and it was far richer than I had left it, and again full of wonder as well.

Once upon a time, there was this Idea.

The Idea sparked a small, imaginative flame, and it cheered the hearts of the handful of people within its lighted circle. For a time.

But the world changed, and the flame was mostly forgotten, left in the bottom of a closet to slowly smolder. Every so often it would get just enough attention to keep it alive, but it lived there, alone, for years.

Then one day then the closet opened.

The Idea had grown. Instead of a single small flame, it had become hundreds of sparkling points, each deep substance and delicately nuanced in flavor. The closet bottom had served both as crucible and wine cellar, producing something hardened and rich.

So I decided to start sharing. The dribs and drabs of each post are (I’d like to think) entertaining in and of themselves, but they connect together into a framework that is being slowly revealed.

And—I sincerely hope—some aspect of the material presented here, whether framework or detail, is inspiring to you. That it can somehow, wholesale or a la carte, become a part of other worlds and other stories.

I hope you enjoy.