Although known as “The Dawn Bringer,” Alinec is not actually associated with the sun; he is instead acknowledged as the master of sun-kissed ordered fields and the convolutions of familial procreation. These aspects are themselves considered necessary components of the act of healing, intrinsically related, each a boon granted by Alinec.


Healing (Dawn, Fertility)


Scabbard, Wheat, Lantern


Neutral Good


Full Moon



Suggested Domain



“The morning harvest in the evening sustains.”

(Hard work now yields rewards later.)


The Dawn Bringer, He of Furrowed Fields


Although perhaps the most powerful healers among the major powers, priests of Alinec are regarded even more highly for their agricultural expertise. Sower is their appropriate title , and initiates are often referred to informally as Seedlings. The teachings of Alinec include a deep knowledge of cultivating the land, and most farmers take their local Sower’s word as law in matters of when, where, and what to plant. The church is comprised of loosely associated local shrines and temples, each devoted to their local flock but eager to help fellow brothers and sisters of the faith. There is also a lesser-known, secretive but storied, militant branch known as the Reapers, who are dedicated to the elimination of the abomination of undeath.


Alinec holds most holy planting and harvest—the initial act of faith and the reward for patient cultivation. Local harvest festivals honoring Alinec are common throughout Loraedor. Indeed, in settled times, troupes of players and musicians travel leeward near the hub, arriving in each of several regions just after the harvest comes in before winter catches up with them. Special fields and crops are planted in dedication to Alinec in some areas. The seeds that are harvested from such fields are considered blessed, and they are mixed in throughout seeds of like type. Crops sown with such blessed seeds mixed in are often healthier and more productive, making them very valuable.


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