The Celestial Deities

They Who Hung the Stars.

This is the primary, central pantheon in the world of Loraedor. Each has a direct counter deity in opposition, although they are not mirror opposites.

The “good” deities are generally worshiped at the Temple of the Full Moon at least once a month, generally around the three days of the full moon. These temples usually house altars to each member deity and, depending on the size and location of the temple, to some of their most prominent ascended.

The “evil” deities are marginalized and disjointed, and there is no overt organized worship of them. The “Temple of the New Moon” is a name of convenience only, and those that offer worship to them generally do so in secret. Deskir is a slight exception to this rule, and small shrines at old battle sites see offerings left by those praying for same return of soldiers.

Losidor and Levyse, fate and fortune, are more neutral in their aspects, and aren’t usually worshiped formally, although both are often invoked in times of varying need., and both or either may have niches at temples, depending on local custom.

The Lunar Cycle

The power and influence of the celestial deities is related to lunar phase. Four are strongest with the full moon, and four with the new. Two stand apart, and differ in their cycle. Losidor gains as the moon wanes and Levyse as the moon waxes.

Deities other than the celestial pantheon are unaffected by the moon.

Name Align. Spheres of Influence Symbols



Alinec NG


(Dawn, Fertility)

Lantern, Scabbard, Wheat Full Toreg
Daerde LG


(Justice, Resolve)

Arrow, Coin, Dog Full Mephas
Rema CG


(Arts, Crafts)

Cup, Quiver, Torc Full Feicred
Xantea LN


(Wisdom, Guardianship)

Armband, Basket, Yew Full Deskir
Deskir CN


(Strength, Dominance)

Horse, Sword, Throne New Xantea
Feicred LE


(Destruction, Truth)

Chisel, Scroll, Thorns New Rema
Mephas CE


(Betrayal, Lies)

Scimitar, Horn, Triangle New Daerde
Toreg NE


(Disease, Darkness)

Axe, Rope, Wolf New Alinec
Losidor LN


(Law, Rulership)

Boot, Hammer, Harp Wane Levyse
Levyse CN


(Chaos, Travel)

Eye, Hare, Septagon Wax Losidor



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