The figures in the night sky have lessons, should we be willing to listen.

Loraedor has 36 constellations, each placed in the night sky by a particular member of the Celestial Pantheon for reasons of their own. Each has an accompanying tale, and these I’ll post as they are complete. The tales describe why a deity took notice of a particular circumstance, and should add considerable clarity as to what kind of influence being born under such a star might have upon a person.

Eventually, I’d like to write up 5e-type backgrounds for each constellation as well.

Here’s a list of all the constellations and their associated deities.

Constellation Description Deity
Buffoon The buffoon is both he who spills the soup and he upon whom the soup is spilled. Mephas
Candle A sign of tentative hope, the Candle seems to fail as often as not, but when hope prevails the candle proves truly mighty. Alinec
Cask The cask, though it holds valued contents, is often secreted away, and terribly dark within. Toreg
Castellan The castellan, from the steadfastness of his stronghold, guards over the county, protecting it from harm. Daerde
Chalice From the chalice flows healing waters full of life and blessing. Alinec
Crook The shepherd’s crook makes safe the flock, protecting from wolves and rescuing from rocky places. Xantea
Fordan’s Bridle Lokor cast the bridle he had made for Fordan aside when he refused to pay the agreed upon price. Feicred
Gate The gate implacably protects everything behind it, for good or ill. Deskir
Hook The hook is the sign of the fisherman and the temptress. Rema
Hrodoc’s Beard Hrodoc was a great and deeply learned teacher, and his beard grew so long he wore it as a sash as he instructed his pupils in the ways of wisdom. Rema
Kiss The kiss is treacherous, more oft than not hiding true intent behind sweet lips. Feicred
Knot The knot holds fast valuables, save when it slips, but is vulnerable to the blade. Feicred
Loom The loom represents aspects of both home and creativity as well as the concept of good-natured scheming, especially matchmaking. Rema
Lute The lute is the mark of the minstrel, both teller and hero of the tales that pour from his sly tongue. Levyse
Mallet What the mallet lacks in creativity, it gains in repetitiveness. Daerde
Mastiff Guardian and teacher, the mastiff is dogged in loyalty and tenacious in pursuit. Xantea
Millstone The millstone is heavy, unstoppable, and irresistible, grinding on, turning all things into dust. Mephas
Nag The nag is loyal and, although slow, capable of impressive feats of protection. Alinec
Needle The needle, although useful in stitching, brings pain, oft pricking the fingers that wield it. Toreg
Peeking Prophet Stealing glimpses of forbidden augury, the prophet is rarely heeded, and often causes more harm than good. Mephas
Pennant The pennant can be a claim, but it is more precisely a signal waving in the wind, a clear communication to all who can see. Deskir
Pepper Pot The pepper pot is generally portly, inclined toward the culinary, and capable of inducing extreme irritation. Levyse
Rack The rack is pain—slow, enduring, and excruciating. Toreg
Rat The rat is a cunning thief and spy, sneaking between the spaces others walk. Levyse
Ring Giver The ring giver provides guidance as well as a strong sword arm. Rema
River The current of the river relentlessly brings new life through the rebirth of nature’s seasons. Alinec
Rook The rook symbolizes insight and intelligence, but also dark endings. Xantea
Sage The seer is wise, knowledgeable, and aloof, disdaining society and its foibles. Losidor
Shackle The shackle imprisons its wearer, restricting movement and inhibiting freedom. Losidor
Tablet The tablet holds wisdom, but is brittle and prone to break. Mephas
Tankard The tankard can be bane of even mighty warriors, making good ones better and bad ones worse. Losidor
Throne The throne, rather than representing royalty, invokes instead tyranny and subjugation. Deskir
Tower Solitary and defensive, the tower also provides a useful vantage point. Daerde
Verylg Verylg is the great tree, the celestial highway of worlds. The exceptional few born under this sign are often destined for greatness and wide renown. Verylg*
Wheel The wheel turns all things, standing them end up before righting them again. Losidor
Windfall The windfall is associated with great luck, but often at too great a cost. Levyse

*Verylg is a special case, and will require several posts all to itself.

I’ll keep this table updated with links to constellations and deity posts as they’re available.


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