Generally the only publicly tolerated clergy of any new-moon deity, priests of Deskir are often sought in desperation during the dark of the moon when the full-moon deities are at their weakest. Whether asking for strength for the hunt or strength for a coming battle, the undercurrent in all things for supplicants to Deskir is strength.



War (Strength, Hunting)


Throne, Horse, Sword


Chaotic Neutral


New Moon



Suggested Domain



“Mastery ascendant!”

(Dominance is its own reward, and is worthy of untiring endeavor.)


The Great Strength, The Ascendant Master


All clergy of Deskir bear the title Warpriest, with ranking members of the hierarchy bearing a prefix of Senior or Grand. Within a region, the church is a well-ordered hierarchy, and geographically adjacent hierarchies are generally only begrudgingly tolerant of each other. A single Grand Warpriest is the leader of hierarchy, and usually occupies a heavily fortified temple devoted entirely to Deskir and his wars. The warpriests are often courted by leaders readying to make war, and often they can be hired as mercenaries of a particularly effective and deadly sort.


Services dedicated to Deskir would generally be better termed “competition” than “worship.” Wrestling, mock battles, blood sport—the church of Deskir is for neither the weak of stomach nor the weak of body. The night of the new moon is the primary holy day, and, depending on the preferred flavor of a given locale, violent—often bloody—games are held under its darkened face. Individual churches near enough to have contact with each other regard their neighbors as rivals, and often compete to gain followers, and by extension favor, with their deity.


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