The great keeper of time and the master of stone, Erucei is perhaps the most esoteric of all the major powers. In his aspect of death he is mostly viewed as inscrutably inevitable, rather than inherently malevolent or frightening. Masons and stonecutters are closely associated with this deity, as are well-maintained graveyards and tombs.


Earth (Death, Time)


Hand, Helm, Shield


True Neutral

Suggested Domain



The Great Epoch of Stone, The Dim Turning


Large communities dedicated to Erucei are exceedingly rare, but small enclaves of a dozen or so are not entirely uncommon. Known far and wide for their dour demeanor, the faithful of Erucei usually dress somberly in dull earth tones, and nearly always shun celebration. Acutely aware of the value and constant passage of time, they are supremely productive, although in a very methodical manner. Never frenzied or hurried, they are constant workers, doggedly pursuing their own (often inscrutable) goals. All clergy, regardless of position, are generally referred to as Keepers, and most have at least a passing familiarity with masonry.


Erucei’s adherents vary widely in their practices of worship. Some, such as gravekeepers, view their daily work as devotion, and dedicate themselves to their deity in that way. Some worship in natural caves, others in crafted stone monuments, and nearly all ceremonial practices are unique (although related in broad terms) to their individual congregation or practitioner. Similarities include a devotion to patent, but constant effort and a desire to impact the distant future in meaningful ways.


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