Only in her aspect of truth is Feicred openly invoked, and even then it is exceedingly rare, as the truth Feicred brings is nearly without exception accompanied by destruction. That destruction is core to some secret cults’ worship of this terrible deity, as they sow hate for the world and all who dwell within it. The physical destruction caused by natural disaster is rarely attributed to Feicred, for her destruction is most often the ruin, when their hidden truths are revealed, of those who lie.


Vengeance (Truth, Destruction)


Chisel, Scroll, Thorn


Lawful Evil


New Moon



Suggested Domain



“Truth is ever the sharpest edge.”

(The surest and greatest destruction is found always in the truth.)


She-Who-Ends, The Truth Revealed, The Mother of Retribution


Destruction by truth is the core occupation of those devoted to Feicred. Holy days are entirely individual, marking the anniversary of an adherent’s greatest victorious destruction. This date may change frequently, depending on the devotee. It is said that those devoted to Feicred are overcome by a dark ecstasy in the moment they surpass a previous victory, and therefore clearly know the day to celebrate. Celebration generally consists of a day of quiet, satisfied meditation upon the event, and (when in a community of the like-minded) a smug retelling of the circumstance for an appreciative audience.


Although there is no organized church honoring Feicred, isolated sects do exist in secret, working to destroy all that civilization has created. These individual sects vary widely in ceremony and practice, but many include self-flagellation with thorns as part of the faithful’s rituals. Generally sects such as these either exist as secret societies working to, truth by truth, tear down the structures of society or as groups working toward grand revelation of a single great truth designed to deal a mortal blow to a particular government, church, or other organization. With their intense focus on the triumvirate of vengeance as motivation, truth as channel, and destruction as goal, followers of Feicred are not to be idly crossed.


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