Githder rules the skies, and its faithful love most the the storm. The few established temples and holy places dedicated to the worship of Githder are always in high places, and are often in regions known for their violent weather. Most of Githder’s followers rejoice as the chaos of spring storms returns and languish in the dry, still summer. However, there are those who use their worship of Githder to intercede on the part of towns and farms, ceasing rain or bringing it and deflecting storms from settlements at risk.


Air (Weather, Wind)


Ash, Javelin, Feather


True Neutral

Suggested Domain



The Sky Above, Storm Father


One of the least formally organized of major-deity religions, there are nonetheless some commonalities across Loraedor. Leaders of the few established temples are titled Great Wind, and initiates are often jokingly referred to as “eddies.” Those priests of Githder that travel bringing weather relief are commonly referred to as Rainbringers, while more warlike itinerant clergy are often named Stormbloods.


Worship of Githder is as individual as its clergy. Although there are no specific holy days, the first days of spring, winter, and autumn are sometimes celebrated as times of impending wind and weather, whereas the first day of the first day of summer is often a quiet day of contemplation in anticipation of the coming doldrums. Most temples devoted to Githder hold rites whenever a storm front approaches, and are often consumed by raucous celebration in the midst of lighting storms.


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