The least predictable (and some would say least dependable) of the major deities is Levyse. She hates chains of all kinds, both physical and figurative, and her followers share this contempt. Most folk call upon Levyse only when all other channels have been closed—she is the final resort of the desperate. However, there is no denying that her clergy seem to enjoy preternatural luck.


Fortune (Chaos, Travel)


Eye, Hare, Heptagon


Chaotic Neutral


Waxing Moon



Suggested Domain



“A watched hare bolts when you blink.”

(Be constantly watchful for fleeting opportunity; act when the moment arrives.)


The Smiling Lady, She of Fickle Fondness


Those devoted to Levyse rarely lack a sense of humor. Indeed, to outsiders, the chaos of her few temples’ hierarchies seems—at best—unfathomable. Practical jokes seem to be a common path to power, and were it not for constant strings of seemingly impossible good luck, nothing would ever be accomplished within their walls. The most common title among Levysian clergy is Provident, although that level of formality is rarely observed. Most clergy are itinerant, and few settle in any once place for long.


Levyse has but one holy day: the Night of Renewal. The chaos that influences the day which lies outside the cosmic order suits her clergy immensely, and they celebrate by embracing and adding to the madness. Other than that single sacred day, worshippers express their faith through hundreds of chances taken, and often find ways to reward others who trust themselves to luck as well.


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