The great lord who rules not for glory but for the simple sake of order itself, Losidor is the father of law. According to his doctrine, all things that exist have destined ends, and he works to ensure that fickle fortune cannot foul his regimen. Adherents are without exception rigid and inflexible, reacting poorly to surprises and the unpredictable. The do not concern themselves with notions of justice, only the black and white execution of the letter of the law.


Fate (Law, Rulership)


Boot, Hammer, Harp


Lawful Neutral


Waning Moon



Suggested Domain



“Compulsion, Construction, or Charm.”

(The three paths to rulership, the better to provide safety through lawful order.)


The Ancient Way, The Law Enthroned


Priests of Losidor are, by both nature and training, precise attenders to even the smallest of details. The church hierarchy is rigidly ordered, and promotion through the ranks follows a regular, predictable path. All clergy of Losidor are generally referred to as Declar by those outside the church, and their ranks are designated by small, but complicated, insignia stitched into their attire. These insignia are all but indecipherable to outsiders. Declars are known for their rigorous record keeping and strict adherence to rules, both within the church and in activities outside it.


The ceremonies of Losidor are precise, documented and observed to the smallest detail. From marriages to funerals and in all things between, the clergy of Losidor follow the liturgy, and document that they did so, as precisely as possible. The first day following the full moon, when Losidor again gains his ascendance, is of particular import to the church, and a specific ritual is held each month to observe it. Services have a regular meter and rhythm, and are also intentionally as symmetrical as possible.


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