Mephas is shunned by all but the most evil. Unacceptable in all civilized lands, any cult activity based on the worship of Mephas must be utterly secretive or immediately stamped out either by local authorities or mobs of angry commoners.


Hate (Betrayal, Lies)


Scimitar, Horn, Triangle


Chaotic Evil


New Moon



Suggested Domain



“A friend’s dagger lies closest to its mark.”

(You are vulnerable to those closest to you; best to use their weapons against them before they stab you.)


The Daggered Tongue, He-Who-Cannot-be-Faced


Those dedicated to Mephas do not associate with each other unless the necessity is dire. As devotees of a deity who encourages untruth and betrayal, they know that any association is likely to end badly, and each is suspicious enough of the other that betrayal is difficult. They will likely move on to target the less wary as soon as circumstances allow. Although open practice is problematic, priests of Mephas blend in to society very well, although many end up with (rightfully so) cutthroat reputations. Most are consummate actors and extremely capable grifters, but there is otherwise no “typical” worshipper of Mephas.


There is no “usual” worship of Mephas, nor any standardized holy days. His priests have never gathered together to form a standard doctrine or determine dogma. Those that do worship him are nearly without exception at their core loners, although they will nearly always be found in the company of others, looking for ways to profit by betraying trusts. Perhaps this is the worship Mephas desires, or perhaps there are dark ceremonies deeper below the surface that have never been detected.


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