Up Next: Tales of the Mythic Age

After a small hiatus, I’ve been thinking about the next portion of the cosmology/mythology of Loraedor. I had some of these planned out already, but after recently reading Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, well, I was hungry to pick things back up.

That being said, it’s a fairly ambitious undertaking.

The myth cycle I’m planning now focuses around the first things that happened after the world was created. The Celestial deities were originally nameless, formless entities referred to as the Watchers. Initially casually interested observers from the void, as the world formed ten of these Watchers chose to involve themselves in the it. They gained increasingly specific personal definition & differentiation as they made these choices, eventually becoming the deities described in previous posts.

Each of those choices has its own place in a series of myths. The cycle starts after the emergence of the Races upon the world that came into being around Verylg’s great trunk, as the Watchers begin to take interest. My rough notes and working titles for the stories:

  • The Stag at Dawn
    • Alinec lights his lantern.
    • Deskir pursues the Stag.
    • Xantea takes pity and intervenes.
    • Losidor rules that the Stag should die.
    • Levyse lets the stag both live and die.
    • Feicred determines that it dies.
  • The First Violence
    • The first Lie, from Mephas.
    • The first Violence, inflicted by Daerde upon Feicred.
    • The first Love, Rema’s of Daerde at his defense of her.
    • Toreg’s discovery of her love of Pain.
  • King of the First Races
    • Deskir and Losidor ally to bring Order through Strength.
  • The Resurrection of Feicred
    • Daerde resolves to make right his mistake
    • Rema crafts a quiver for Daerde
    • Mephas Hates Daerde
    • Alinec heals Feicred
  • The Excursion Without
    • Levyse Travels.
    • Mephas Betrays.
  • Fall of the First Empire
    • Xantea’s Peace follows the subjugation.
    • Alinec encourages Fertile agriculture.
    • Rema gives the races Art.
    • Toreg brings the Darkness.
  • The War of Fragments
    • Deskir incites war in the aftermath of the Fall
    • Toreg brings Disease in its wake.
  • The Rise of¬†the First Hero
    • Daerde earns redemption.
    • Feicred destroys.
    • Xantea learns wisdom.
  • The Twins Withdraw
    • Losidor & Levyse withdraw to the moon, setting in motion the Wounding.
  • The Wounded Bole
    • The First Hero¬†gathers the materials, finds the smith, and uses the Dagger to injure Verylg.

This is going to be slow going. But I think it will be pretty cool when it’s complete. Bear with me & stay tuned.

(An additional note: I’ve been pretty disappointed with the performance of this theme I purchased & customized a few months back. It may look fairly slick, but loads slowly on both the front & back end, so I’m looking into changing that out with something lighter weight. And balancing that with work, family time, game time, etc. is always a challenge. I’m not gone, I’m just tackling some bigger things.)

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