The font of love, the muse of artists, and the steady guide of tradesmen, Rema may be the most regularly called upon of the deities. Her blessing lies upon all marriages entered with love, all goods skillfully crafted, and all art created in earnest. She frowns upon the flighty and inconstant, but smiles upon the steadfast and devoted.


Love (Arts, Crafts)


Cup, Quiver, Torc


Chaotic Good


Full Moon



Suggested Domain



“From others abundance flows.”

(Show love by giving up the fruits of your labor, and you are blessed in return.)


Our Lady Most Beloved, The Gleam Inspired


The priests of Rema fall into three distinct categories, directly relating to her three primary spheres. Remarron are the most utilitarian sect, made up of skilled craftsmen—leather workers, carpenters, blacksmiths, coopers, and tailors are among the many skills represented among their ranks. Remaris are artists: painters, sculptors, jewelers, and woodcarvers make up this second sect. Most ethereal of the three, however, is the Remael. This final sect is entirely focused on love in its many forms. Although they tend to be considered only in the light of the few that emphasize the physical expressions of love, in truth the Remael are generally shepherds who care deeply for each individual within their flock. Regardless of sect, the clergy of Rema exists in a nearly flat structure, resorting to hierarchy only when absolutely necessary.


Many tradesmen pay at least nominal tribute to Rema, most often by crafting a small emblem of a quiver in their preferred medium and keeping it full of flowers. Some artists do similarly with a cup. Remael are in high demand to perform weddings, and to their sect all weddings are joyous, sacred affairs. The church of Rema has no set holy days, but many communities hold a fair in late spring to honor blooming love and to sell a winter’s worth of crafted goods.


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