So What’s the Plan, Here, Anyway?

So these short little legends are interesting and all, but what’s the deal? Is there anything usable here?

Simply put, the plan is to put interesting gaming info out into the world in hopes that someone has a good use for it. The benefits of the plan are a bit more subtle, I suppose, but the plan itself is totally straightforward.

Most things published are mine, but I have at least three other long-time DMs with topics baking, and we all share some foundational opinions on sandbox-style games that should prove to provide a solid theme as more and more posts appear. Those topics will show up pretty ad-hoc, as they become available. But in the meantime…

I’ll be posting legends about how the Celestial Deities hung the 36 constellations in the night sky until they’re all out there. Generally shooting for new one every Monday and Thursday. And as more of them are posted, the utility of the set as a whole is increased. They’re coming, and will all be available come fall.

But what good are they?

Use them for character definition, both in creating PCs and in jumpstarting NPC personalities. Weave the legends into the world a strand at a time. In Loraedor, history is a mess, and often lost, forgotten, or full of lies. But the thread of legend ties together many of its cultures. You can travel far, but still get a laugh at an inn from a barkeep by nodding toward the loud show-off at the hearth and saying “Fella thinks he’s Hrodoc, eh?”

I’ve found that having some legends—even just the hint of legends—in the world sends player immersion skyrocketing. And tying them to something that may (or may not) impact an individual at birth creates an excellent excuse to introduce them.

They’re also fun to write, which I’m using to get me in the habit of regular, reliable content creation.

Coming soon: Deities

As the constellations wrap up, there will be a post or two to tie a bow on them for a while, and then I plan to dig into the deities, which could take quite a while to cover in detail. But the overview material will be useful on its own (in fact, you can plug the Celestials into your world right now, if you like). The detailed info will describe clergy, hierarchy (if any), differing sects, and some more legends to make religion in the world really pop.

Anything else?

And sprinkled throughout will be some crunchier bits. Variance in magic, whether geographical or temporal. Fun ways to handle critical rolls. And also some things about managing players at the table, or recovering when the PCs ruin your planned plot.

All seen through the filter of the sandbox, where players and DM tell together memorable tales.

So stay tuned. Plug in. Things are about to get good.



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