Sylac’s adherents burn, whether with magic, knowledge, or literal fire. They tend to voraciousness in their appetites for learning rather than pyromania, but there have been a notable few who “grew too fond of the flame.” One of Sylac’s key tenets is not only the consumption, but also the dissemination of knowledge to all willing to receive.


Fire (Knowledge, Magic)


Cudgel, Key, Sandal


True Neutral




The Burning Weave, The Flame of Thought’s Eternal Light


As with all the elemental churches, clergy of Sylac follow no central hierarchy. Devotees are generally called Firebringer or Flamepriest, and the leaders of temples or abbeys consecrated to Sylac are often known as the Bright Knower. Although they are not strictly bound to a hierarchical structure, Sylac’s faithful are nearly without exception cordial to others of the sect, and upon meeting for the first time will often attempt to spend hours in discussion of their particular areas of study, attempting to spread shared knowledge as widely as possible.


Although commonalities between communities of followers are minimal, rites are often held at dawn and sundown, to (respectively) extinguish and light lamps, whether ceremonial or functional. It is also a common practice to keep daily journals, and to once yearly prepare a special copy of what one has learned since the last year’s rite, and to ceremonially burn it at dawn. In truth, however, most priests worship in distinctly individual manner, but are nearly always very accepting of the ways in which other devotees express their devotion.


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