There are some who curse the name of Toreg when they are hurt, decrying the pain she sends, but most prefer to never speak of her at all, knowing all too well that pain can always increase. She is also said to know the darkest secrets written upon each heart, and many fear the pain those could cause should she loose them.


Pain (Disease, Darkness)


Axe, Rope, Wolf


Neutral Evil


New Moon



Suggested Domain



“By cut, rend, or wrack, the end is always dark.”

(Suffering proves you’re alive, but the end is coming regardless of your struggles.)


The Darkened Howl, Agony Herself


Toreg’s priests are openly cruel. They often wear belts of rope and carry axes, and are fond of wolf pelts as well. Many are scarred from violent initiation or masochistic worship practices, and few fit well into society at large. She does have some few more subtle clergy, hiding in plain sight to spread disease among the masses, but most devoted to Toreg cause palpable discomfort through their demeanor, and are generally found among the rougher edges of society. They organize in small clusters for short times when a particularly cruel or capable leader arises, but most often go about their worship singly or in pairs.


Sacraments offered up to Toreg are without exception dark, vile, and tremendously violent. Releasing starving wolves on a bound prisoner, methodical dismemberment with a fired axe, and the, by comparison tame, rack—all figure largely in the rites her devotees practice in secret. Isolated Toreg cults secretly spread pain in whatever way seems most expressive, and masochism figures as largely as does sadism in her worship. There are a handful of holy days that vary from region to region, and all are celebrated in particularly horrific manner.


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