Although Peace is Xantea’s primary sphere, she is, perhaps, best known by her oracular gifts to her chosen. These special few often do not offer prophesy, but instead untangle the immediate, offering guidance for this day. Although slow to act, Xantean clergy are very swift to react in defense of one of their charges, and her paladins are reckoned among the fiercest of all religious orders in Loraedor. Most often, though, the laity come to Xantea and leave offerings at her shrines begging for battle to end, for loved ones to come home from warfronts, and for conflict and strife within families to dissipate.


Peace (Wisdom, Guardianship)


Armband, Basket, Yew


Lawful Neutral


Full Moon



Suggested Domain



“In stillness lies the safety of wisdom.”

(Peace is found first within. Calm yourself, and the answer will be known.)


She of Stillness and Insight, Our Brave Lady Bastion


Xantean clergy are usually characterized by their even temperament and unflappable nature. The most honored among them are those most gifted with oracular ability, and these are exempted from many of the other duties within her temples due to the taxing nature of their talent. The holy warriors of Xantea are known as the Peace Keepers, and have a fierce reputation, for good reasons. Their reluctance to act offensively has kept the order welcome in most civilized lands, who enjoy their assistance in case of attack but need not fear that they should initiate war.


Services honoring Xantea are, nearly without exception, quiet, calm, and soothing. Dim light, soft music, and harmonious humming are the hallmarks of her church. In rural and wilderness areas, oftentimes a yew tree of particular note is dedicated to be hew shrine, and faithful will hang tiny baskets woven from grass among its branches as prayers for peace and insight. The church at large is loosely structured and organic, with a flat organization and systemic mentorship. Common holy days include the ascension of the Rook, Crook, and Mastiff constellations.


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